General Vibe releases a Prophet VS software clone

General Vibe music software recently released a software (VSTi) version of the legendary Sequential Prophet VS synthesizer. At this moment only the Win XP version is available but a Mac OSX version and additional host configurations are under development.

The VectorSector is a freakishly accurate software rendition of the legendary Prophet VS synth. VectorSector features specially designed wavetable oscillators that faithfully capture the shape-shifting, gruzzy air of the original article, coupled with ultra-smooth, analog-modeled filters to complete the sonic signature.

Product specs:

* 4 oscillators (A/B/C/D) per synth voice

* each oscillator selects one of 126 waveforms or white noise

* 4-pole (24 dB/octave) lowpass filter with resonance

* up to 16 voice polyphony

* 4-segment envelopes controlling mix/filter/amplifier with multi-mode loop/repeat

* 2 LFOs per voice with 6 wave shapes

* modulation matrix with global and per-voice sources, scaling and multiple destinations per source

A price is set at $199.00. A free demo version of VectorSector is available to download:

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