Korgs new workstation: The Oasys

OASYS is built around our new flagship PCM-based engine, which we call the HD-1 High Definition Synthesizer. Driven by an exacting, robust and detail-rich voice architecture, the sound of the HD-1 possesses an amazing clarity and presence; a high end that is crystal clear, but never harsh; a detailed and accurate sound that is smooth and rich across the entire audio spectrum.

Fueling this engine is a staggering 616 MB of uncompressed wave ROM that exceeds CD audio quality. This abundant PCM library allows us to capture much more of the natural detail and ornamentation that distinguishes an acoustic instrument as “real” sounding. We’ve also included many stereo waveforms to preserve the natural imaging and spaciousness of acoustic sounds – especially ensemble sounds and drum kits.

Other enhancements include many extended length samples that preserve an instrument’s natural decay, and sample sets that allow instruments to speak their full voice, using up to 4-way velocity switching to recreate their complete dynamic range.

But that’s just the beginning. Each OASYS comes with two additional EXs Expansion Sample Libraries ready for action. The comprehensive EXs-1 Expansion ROM set is pre-loaded, providing spectacular stereo drums, and additional large acoustic and synthesizer multisamples capturing extra detail and character.

The EXs-2 Concert Grand, on the other hand, serves up a singular, breathtaking piano experience. Based on individually sampled keys, true stereo imaging, four-way velocity switching and an additional damper layer, this piano evokes unparalleled realism.

Advances in the HD-1’s voice architecture allow a single oscillator to play back stereo waveforms and support 4-way layering, switching and crossfading. Each oscillator can employ up to two multi-mode filters, two Low Frequency Oscillators (LFOs), two Envelope Generators (EGs) and dual amp stages simultaneously. An additional “voice common” LFO and EG provides another layer of timbre control.

The super-fast LFOs feature 18 waveforms, and can modulate into the audio range. The equally agile EGs feature 11 selectable curves for each stage, resulting in dramatically detailed timbre and amplitude changes. A new drive parameter adds mild to wild harmonic overdrive. korg’s AMS (Alternate Modulation Source) furnishes OASYS with 52 additional modulation sources. Newly added AMS Mixers allow mixing and manipulating any of these modulation sources for even more flexible control!

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