Tascam announces new software updates

New Drivers for FW-1884 Add Cross-Platform Support for Cubase LE/SE and PCI-822 Driver Update for Windows XP

FW-1884 Version 1.40 driver installers for WinXP and OSX are now available for download from the TASCAM US web site. Also available is the V1.40 ReadMe file and instructions for control surface use with Cubase LE/SE. Version 1.40 for the FW-1884 adds comprehensive control surface support for Steinberg’s Cubase LE/SE. A driver that will add comprehensive control surface support for Cubase SX (and Nuendo) is under development and expected to be released very soon.

A new Windows XP driver for the PCI-822 has been uploaded to the TASCAM US web site: http://www.tascam.com/Software_Downloads.html

This driver adds GSIF2 capability to the PCI-822, including audio input and kernel MIDI, when used with GigaStudio 3.

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