Waves releases three new reverbs

Waves have released IR-1 V.2 of their convolution reverb IR1, and two new variants : the IRL, a simpler and less CPU-intensive LIGHT version, and the IR360, which offers reverb convolution in 5.1 surround.

With the IR-1 V2, you get the actual captured sound of the world’s best venues and unmatched control using the traditional parameters you’re already familiar with. Plus, this new version now lets you capture impulse responses from rooms or devices yourself, and then modify the sound with the same flexible controls used to alter the included impulse response samples.

IR-L is the “light” convolution reverb, offering the same great sound and impulse responses as IR-1 but with fewer controls for simpler, more efficient operation.

IR-L Features include:

* NEW! Convolution Start Control lets you trim the beginning of an impulse response to eliminate unwanted predelay.

* NEW! Extensive Library of Impulse Response Samples with Different Micing Options.

* NEW! Dynamic Preset Handling.

* 96 kHz support for high resolution.

* Reverb Time RT60.

* CPU Usage Control.

* Convolution Length Control

For more information please visit: www.waves.com/content.asp?id=16 or you can read more on our product pages (links below).

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