CWEJMAN announce the new S2

The new Cwejman S2 is here and is an integrated synthesizer; all modules (sound sources, modifiers, modulators and controls) are linked together in the way to offer the greatest possible flexibility with creation and reproduction of sounds.

The S2 is an analogue monophonic synthesizer. It can by used as a sound generator, an shaper/modifier for external sound sources and as a mix of them.

The user interface is easy-to-use; all functions and controls are clearly labelled and accessible on the frontand the rear panel and LEDs indicates the status off coupled functions and modulation sources activated by pushbuttons.

Several parameters can be voltage controlled by external signals and, simultaneously the S2 can control other voltage controlled instruments. The possibility with patching and integrating it into an external modular (or semi-modular) synthesizer/sequencer and a sound system makes it extremely flexible.

At this moment we don’t have anu information on pricing or date of official release. For more information please visit or check out our S2 product page (link below).

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