Cycling ’74 ships MODE for windows plus PLUGGO update

As announced in january Cycling ’74 has released the MODE plugin set for Windows and has started shipping the set at an reduced price of $99 (euro 77). At the Cycling ’74 website a demo version is available for download.

The MODE plug-ins combine classic synthesis and effects technique with state-of-the-art performance control and you get the Mode plug-in set. Mode features user-friendly arpeggiators, integrated synth effects and simplified control of complex systems. As a result, Mode opens creative doors previously seen only in the best hardware devices.

Developed by the CreativeSynth team, the Mode plug-ins are unlike anything you’ve heard–deep basses, soaring lead lines and bizarre percussion, processed by synchronized effects and even a looper’s paradise of delay lines.

Visit for the demo download and additional information or check out our MODE product page (link below).

Cycling ’74 has also updated Pluggo for Windows and OS X to v3.5.1. Changes:

* Fixed issue with crashes during automation playback (OS X).

* FL Studio crashes fixed (XP).

* FL Studio no longer requires “Use fixed size buffers” option to be on (XP).

* Now works in GigaStudio 5.0 (XP).

* Demo tone no longer sounds when plugconfig is not used in a patch.

* Prevent crash (or running) when pluggo is loaded into a shell plug-in in vst.

* Fix for drawing problems in various hosts (XP).

* Fix pluggo UI window not activating when clicked inside in FL Studio (XP).

* New “latency” message to plugconfig, allows you to specify delay of plug-in which is reported to host (currently VST and RTAS only).

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