Denon DJ announces software plug-in enhancements

Denon DJ has unveiled the latest round of software plug-ins available for its innovative line of performance-driven DJ products. Downloadable software is available free-of-charge to all Denon DJ registered users via The new software enhancements provide an array of new features for the acclaimed DN-X1500 Professional DJ Mixer, DN-S5000 and DN-S3000 Tabletop CD/MP3 Players, and DN-D4000 Dual CD/MP3 Player.

Denon’s revolutionary DN-X1500 offers four full-featured channels integrated with the ‘world’s first’ 8-channel input matrix control, with additional DN-board effects and USB connectivity. Newly available enhancements include separate Rear Output Trim and Master Level Control, Stereo/Mono Switching independent of global cueing system, improved Crossfader response for intricate scratch routines, and a ‘sharper’ Channel Fader contour preset. In the Effects section, Filter 2 can be set to correspond to the unit’s DRYIWET control, Echo 1 can now be locked to the bpm independent of WET status, the TAP button now flashes when selected once to lock to the bpm, and when bpm effects are engaged they are now synced to the beginning of the sine wave. Finally, when the SPLIT/CUE is selected the Master Cue is now ganged together to turn on, and the Master Cue can now be monitored pre Master Volume.

The DN-S5000 and DN-S3000 tabletop CD/MP3 players combine active turntable platter manipulation — another world’s first from Denon — with an authentic vinyl slipmat and realistic scratch manipulation for unprecedented user control. New plug-in enhancements include playback restart during Brake sound by simply pressing Play, added quick jump search values (10/20/30/60 seconds), and added Pitch Mode preset for Pitch/Key On/Off default at power up Other advancements change the default MP3 file search system from “Artist” to “File” upon disc insertion, improve Brake + Hot Start combo reaction time, allow back spinning to the beginning of track 1 while in Cont mode instead of previous CUE mode default, and the internal Memo function can now deselect the pitch from being saved.
Denon’s acclaimed DN-D4000 Dual CD/MP3 player, which incorporates extensive digital file support as well as standard Cue, Loop, Pitch, and Playback mode controls, also benefits from the latest set of available plug-ins. New performance features include Remain Time Save in Preset mode and improved Seamless Loop accuracy.

These and other free plug-in upgrades, along with hardware add-ons, are available for Denon DJ products by mail, or download by visiting Denon’s website at

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