Ravity for MAC VST announced

LUXONIX have made an announcement of Ravity for Mac OS X. All of Ravity(S), Ravity(R) and Ravity16 are ported to Macintosh completely. VST format is scheduled for release in 22 March 2005, and AU format in May 2005.

Ravity(S)/(R)/16 for Mac will cost $139, $79, $16 respectively, same as PC version. For existing registered users, cross-grade between PC and Mac version will be available in May 2005.


– New structure based on PCM Synthesizer Module

– 447(S) + 68(R) + 32(16) ready-to-use presets (expandable)

– Large preset browser (keyboard support) / Expandable easy editing GUI (hot-key support)

– NAVI™ engine : Extremely low CPU load / 32bit sound processing

– HLMS™ : Hyper Layered MIDI assign System for real-time performance and sound editing

– FOEM™ : Fully Optimized embedded Effecting Module (24 types of algorithm)

– (S) 4-layer combi system / Independent arpeggiator for each layer

– (R) 16 assignable pads/layers / 6 individual stereo outputs

– (R) import external Wave files(*.wav), any sample rate, 8/16/24/32bit, mono/stereo

– (16) 16 part multi-timbral (16 slots for Ravity(S) or Ravity(R))

– (16) up to 16 stereo outputs

System Requirements:


– G3 700MHz CPU or higher (G4 1.67GHz CPU or Higher recommended)

– 64MB RAM or higher (256MB RAM or higher recommended)

– about 50MB hard disc space

– Mac OS X 10.3 or higher

– VST 2.0 compatible host application (VST 2.3+ recommended)

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