NI updates Traktor DJ Studio to version 2.6

TRAKTOR DJ Studio 2.6 is the most powerful and versatile software solution for professional DJ mixing, live remixing and mix recording using digital audio formats. This digital mixing suite goes beyond the possibilities of conventional DJ equipment by implementing a vast range of mixing features that only software can provide. With innovations like on-the-fly looping and unparalleled pitch-shifting, a whole new world of creative real time sound alteration is at your fingertips.

TRAKTOR DJ Studio 2.6 delivers an array of powerful new features allowing DJs to mix more versatile and unique sets.

New Features in 2.6:

– Compatibility to FinalScratch 2 – The new version of TRAKTOR DJ Studio is now fully compatible with Stanton’s new FinalScratch 2 hardware, offering DJs mixing with this setup a whole new realm of possibilities.

– WMA and AAC Compatibility – DRM-free WMA and AAC file formats are now supported, as well as Ogg Vorbis und FLAC (lossless audio compression).

– Internet Broadcasting – By using Icecast servers (an open source version of the Shoutcast protocol), the mix can be streamed live over the internet. A pre-requisite is, however, that the relevant servers are available and that the protocol is supported by the ISP.

– Input Recording – Connect a microphone or line signal directly to TRAKTOR DJ Studio 2.6 and record the signal on-the-fly. The resulting audio file can then be loaded into the virtual deck and mixed back into the set. Alternatively, you can “stream” the live signal directly to your mix – making it possible to add your moderation or a live act to your DJ mix and internet braodcasting.

– Record the Mix – As well as the popular mix automation feature, it is now possible to record your live mix directly to the hard drive in WAV or AIFF formats.

– Enhanced Browser and Playlist Features – A “History” function is now incorporated into the playlist feature, which automatically records details about the date and time tracks were played. Create exact playlists of your mix-sets quickly and easily – print them out or export them. As well as this the browser has special ‘bookmarks’ for fast access to 12 of your favourite folders.

– Minute Markers – 1-minute markers are included in the small waveform window which displays the entire track. These helpful guides also correspond to the markers on the time-code embedded records, when using TRAKTOR with the new Stanton FINALSCRATCH 2 System.

Demo version and download update from TRAKTOR DJ Studio 2.5 now available! Full version available in stores starting March 14th. For more information on Traktor DJ Studio 2.6 please visit or check out our product page (link below).

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