The plug-in formerly known as Finalis

Elemental Audio Systems today announced a name change for its new peak limiter and the availability of updates for all of its commercial audio plug-ins. Formerly known as Finalis, Elemental Audio Systems’ limiting plug-in and newest product has been renamed Finis. The plug-in updates, released for Firium, Eqium, Neodynium, and Finis, address several issues and offer improved user experience and audio quality. All supported plug-in formats, including Digidesign RTAS, Steinberg VST, and Apple Audio Unit (AU), are affected by the updates. The new versions are free to all current, registered customers.

Finis, the plug-in formerly known as Finalis, is a true brick-wall peak limiter and loudness maximization plug-in. Finis combines a simple interface with an intelligent processing engine to provide smooth and transparent limiting. Currently available at an introductory price of $139 US, Finis has a retail price of $159 US. Introductory pricing ends on April 14, 2005.

Firium and Eqium, Elemental Audio Systems’ award winning EQ plug-ins, offer two distinct approaches to equalization. Firium is an intuitive linear phase equalizer with built-in spectrum analyzer that allows users to draw their desired EQ. Eqium, an unlimited band EQ toolbox, allows users to create a custom EQ exactly to their specifications using any combination of its eleven filter types. In addition to traditional filter types, Eqium offers filters for noise removal and special effects tasks. Both EQ plug-ins provide pristine audio quality and can be used for mixing and mastering purposes. Firium and Eqium are available for $129 US each or $169 US bundled.

An innovative compressor and dynamics processing plug-in, Neodynium employs sophisticated processing techniques to provide greater control of audio levels than existing products while delivering the topnotch sound quality audio professionals demand. Neodynium brings a cutting edge, visual approach to compression that supplies invaluable information for optimizing and directing compression efforts and ensuring effective compressor use. Neodynium is available for $159 US alone and may also be purchased bundled with other Elemental Audio Systems products.

All plug-ins are both Mac and Windows compatible. More info at or check out our new FINIS product page (link below).

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