Update Logic 7.1. kit available

Logic Pro 7 to Logic Pro 7.1 Upgrade Kit – Upgrade your Logic Pro 7.0 to version 7.1 and take advantage of full native plug-in delay compensation, expanded Apple Loops integration, new Bass Amp and hybrid synthesizer plug-ins, easy re-ordering of plug-ins, and more.

The Logic Pro 7.1 update adds a generous collection of new features and sought after enhancements such as full native plug-in delay compensation and over 70 new key commands. It provides greater facility for creating and managing Apple Loops and a convenient new method for re-ordering Channel Strip plug-in configurations. Logic Pro 7.1 further extends the creative options with 5 new plug-ins including a Bass Amp and two hybrid synthesizers. The update is rounded out by a host of optimizations and refinements that significantly improve the performance and stability of both Logic Pro and the included, updated version of Waveburner.


1. Expanded Apple Loops Integration

2. Full Native Plug-In Delay Compensation

3. New Instrument and Effect Plug-Ins

4. Hand Tool in Track Mixer

5. Over 70 New Key Commands

6. Numerous Plug-In Improvements

7. Support for 9 additional Control Surfaces

8. Follow Tempo Option for Recorded Audio

9. Insert Chords from Chord Track

10. Multiple Performance Enhancements

Note: Logic Pro 7.1 is available to all Logic Pro users possessing an XSkey authorized for Logic Pro 7.0. Visit www.apple.com/logic/ for more information on upgrading.

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