Native Instruments present major updates en new products

With the 2005 MusikMesse starting today Native Instruments presented some major updates and new products. Like we reported before NI released Reaktor 5 today. But that is not all. GUITAR COMBOS also received a great deal of attention. Based on GUITAR RIG’s award-winning technology, they emulate three legendary guitar combos with stunning authenticity and are particularly easy to use. Some 4500 excellent drum samples, spread over 36 unique drum kits were also released in the form of SYNTHETIC DRUMS 2. A long line-up of famed artists produced this sample library, ensuring a distinctive flavour. Of course all the recent NI releases were also featured, with a special emphasis on KONTAKT 2 and ELECTRONIC INSTRUMENTS 2 XT.

The World is a Stage: GUITAR COMBOS– GUITAR COMBOS emulate three legendary guitar combos with stunning authenticity. Based on GUITAR RIG’s award-winning technology, they deliver the same exceptional sound quality. The PLEXI, TWANG and AC BOX Combos all cater to different musical flavours and, whilst offering a selection of adjustable parameters, are particularly easy to use. The TWANG combo is the epitome of the clean and crunchy blues sound. The AC BOX emulates the combo that revolutionised british pop muisc with unbelievable authenticity, whilst the PLEXI Combo embodies the rock sound that distinguished the legends of the late 60s and early 70s. An affordable must-have for any aspiring guitarist who wnats that little bit more.

SYNTHETIC DRUMS 2 is a stunning selection of contemporary drum and percussion samples perfectly suited for all styles of electronica. All the samples have been crafted with a meticulous attention to detail by a line-up of international artists. Some 4,500 samples are organised into 36 kits, making extensive use of BATTERY 2’s powerful features, such as filtering, looping, velocity layering and modulation.

From earth-shuddering bass samples and snares that cut straight through the mix to effects that instantly capture the imagination, this collection encompasses an extremely wide range of electronic styles. Whether House or Hiphop, IDM or UKG, Techno or Trance, R’n’B or D’n’B, Old School or Nu Skool – SYNTHETIC DRUMS 2 has its finger on the pulse.

Next to the new products Native Instruments presented, NI introduced a complete new website as well. Users can personalize their visits to the website much more. Take a look yourself at However due to the huge amount of information released by Native Instruments the website was difficult to reach this afternoon.

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