Kjaerhus Audio updates GMO-1

The GMO-1 is a Professional Modulation VST-Plug-in designed to provide high quality Chorus, Flanger, Tremolo, Panning and other Frequency-, Delay- and Amplitude- Modulated effects. Kjearhus Audio updated the GMO-1 to version 1.2.

* High Cut filter added to provide the fat dark sound found in some old analog chorus.

* Fixed issue where the meter could hang “lit” if the plugin was turned off.
* Fine adjustment key changed from Ctrl to Shift.
* Knob reset key changed from Alt to Ctrl.
* Removed “%” that was added after parameters in some Hosts.
* Possible problem when multiple instances of the same plugin were run resolved.

For more information on the GMO-1 please visit our product page (link below). For a trial version you can visit the Voxengo website.

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