Muse Research updates Receptor to v.1.2.

Version 1.2 of Receptor is now available. This update contains numerous new features, fixes, and improvements, including support for multiple outputs, new key command, MIDI CC display for plugins and more.

The version 1.2 software adds several new features including ADAT output support that increases the number of outputs to a total of ten, a revolutionary, high-speed plug-in loading technology called “Z-Load” (patent-applied-for) that dramatically reduces the amount of time required to load a plug-in, a powerful MIDI mapping feature with flexible support for keyboard zones and layers, dramatically improving Receptor’s functionality as a synth, sampler, and sound module, plus many more smaller enhancements.

Next to the 1.2. update Muse Research announced also the availability of three new plugins for the Receptor:
the Minimonsta:Melohman from GMedia Music.
the Vector Sector from General Vibe.
the compatiblity of Stylus RMX.

The software update v.1.2., is freely available to all registered Receptor customers and can be downloaded from the company’s website.

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