Synful Orchestra released for Mac OSx

Finally Mac users can benefit from the expressivity and realism of Synful Orchestra. Synful Orchestra for Mac OSX supports AU and VST plugin formats so it is ideal for use with Logic, Digital Performer, Cubase and other leading Mac plugin host sequencers. A free trial Mac demo as well as the Windows demo is availble for download at free trial download. When you purchase Synful Orchestra you can use it on both Mac and Windows machines. Mac OSX 10.3.9 or higher or Windows 2000, XP or higher is required.

Synful Orchestra responds to the performer. When you play a phrase with legato and detached notes, with accents, and pedal nuances, Synful Orchestra responds with realistic sounding slurs, tonguing, and bowing. No laborious editing of performances to select from a limited set of articulations in a sample library.

For more information and a free DEMO please visit the Synful website. Or check out our product page (link below).

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