Voxengo updates Analogflux Suite to v.1.4.

Voxengo recently updated their Analogflux suite to version 1.4.

* TapeBus’s EMFreq now spans from 200 to 7k Hz.
* TapeBus now features ‘Tape Bypass’ mode which can be used to apply smooth saturation and perform loudness maximization with peak suppression. You may check out the new ‘1dB For Free’ preset to examine its effect.
* Impulse’s plug-in left/right scrolling problem fixed (this problem manifested itself when working with many instances of the Impulse plug-in).
* Analogflux Suite plug-in naming problem which manifested itself in Plogue Bidule host fixed.

Analogflux is a suite of audio processing plug-ins designed to deliver the sounds of the analog days. In the core of these processors we have extensively used convolution processing to match the response of the original analog gear. This suite consists of TapeBus, Delay, Impulse, Insert and Chorus plug-ins.

For a free demo download please visit The Voxengo website.

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