Motu releases upgrade for Digital Performer audio workstation

Now available as a free download to all Version 4.5x users, Digital Performer 4.6 delivers another audio sequencing first: pitch automation. This incredible feature allows you to manipulate pitch non-destructively in real time using Digital Performer standard track-based automation features. From simple pitch correction using the pencil tool, to individual note transposition, to wholesale transposing of an entire audio track, you have unprecedented control over the pitch of your audio tracks. Digital Performer 4.6 provides many additional new features and productivity enhancements.

Pitch automation – DP’s new pitch automation features make quick work of correcting audio pitch, transposing individual notes and even wholesale key and mode transposition of entire audio tracks. Users can grab DP’s pencil tool or use the familiar Transpose command. Another audio sequencing first.

V-Racks – The new V-Rack™ feature lets users load plug-ins and virtual instruments once and then access them from all sequences in their project, so that they conserve CPU power and don’t have to manage multiple instances of the same plug-in with the same settings.

Pattern Gate Plug-in – The new Pattern Gate™ plug-in adds driving, pulsating grooves to any music. Users can feed the Pattern Gate any audio – pads, drones, loops – and click the 16 steps to instantly create the perfect rhythmic pattern.

Exchange files with Pro Tools – Digital Performer now supports the AAF file interchange standard, which provides the most complete, up-to-date multitrack file interchange with Pro Tools and other audio and video authoring applications.

Bounce to QuickTime Movie – The new Bounce to QuickTime Movie feature lets users export DP project audio tracks directly to a QuickTime movie in one easy step.

Support for multiple Audio Unit outputs – Digital Performer now supports multiple outputs from Audio Unit virtual instruments. Users can manage both AU and Rewire outputs in the convenient and intuitive Instruments Tab in the Audio Bundles window.

Custom click sounds – Users can load any click sound they wish and control it with Digital Performer’s Click & Countoff options. Many preset clicks sounds are provided, including the venerable UREI metronome click sound.

Film/Video scoring enhancements – DP 4.6 is packed with numerous enhancements for writing music for picture. Users can now open multiple QuickTime movies, one per sequence, all in the same project. Users can also view and edit multiple QuickScribe windows, one per sequence. The enhanced Find Tempo window helps users zero in quickly on the perfect tempo for a film or video cue.

You can download this free upgrade at the MOTU website.

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