Rob Papen starts new partnership with ConcreteFX

RPCX stands for ROB PAPEN CONCRETEFX. This is a new partnership which is developing for you new Virtual ROB PAPEN Synthesizers. RPCX is formed by sound designer Rob Papen and music software developer Jon Ayres. For porting into the Mac platform RPCX is using the outstanding software skills of Adrian Pflugshaupt.

The goal of RPCX is to let you enjoy making music with their Virtual ROB PAPEN Synthesizers of which BLUE is the first one build by them.

These developed instruments are displaying very well what is possible in todays virtual instrument world. Many features, but still easy to use and very musical. Of course the Rob Papen presets make these instruments unique and inspirational.

Rob Papen website.
ConcreteFX website.

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