Renoise updated to v.1.5.1.

Renoise is the next generation of music tracker software, combining studio quality sound and virtually infinite expandability with a clear and concise interface putting every parameter and option literally at your fingertips. Renoise has been updated to version 1.5.1.

* OSX: Improved compatibility for OS X Tiger.
* OSX: The OS X version will now also (the windows version already does) save a crash-backup when something bad happens and Renoise unexpectedly quits.
* Major GUI performance improvements, especially on OS X.
* Some minor audio engine performance improvements.
* Ghost Notes: Renoise now supports “ghost notes”.
* Fixed a crash when auto-capture instrument was enabled and Instruments > 128 where used in the current pattern.
* Fixed possibly wrong pitch-rates when changing the sample rate for the pattern effects 01 02 05 (pitch slide and glide).
* Various other tiny fixes and improvements.

For more information and details visit the Renoise Forums.

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