Edirol adds full support 64-bit drivers

EDIROL announced that it is releasing Version 1.0 drivers for the 64-bit Windows computing platform. EDIROL had previously released beta versions of its 64-bit drivers and is now offering fully-supported Version 1.0 drivers that meet EDIROLs demanding standards for driver implementation.

This driver introduction allows existing users of EDIROL interfaces to use their existing EDIROL interface on a 64-bit Windows computer. While most 32-bit software applications will operate on a 64-bit computing system, a true 64-bit driver is required for all hardware peripherals including audio and MIDI interfaces.

With the introduction of fully-supported 64-bit drivers for existing interface products, EDIROL continues to support it’s position as the leader in audio interface driver technology for both the Widows and the Macintosh platforms. EDIROL recently introduced the world’s first USB 2.0 Hi-Speed Drivers for Mac OS X Tiger for the EDIROL UA-101 USB 2.0 Audio Interface.

64-bit drivers are available for the following EDIROL Interfaces:
– UA-1000, UA-101, UA-25, UA-20, UA-5, UA-3FX, UA-1EX, UA-700
– UM-880, UM-550, UM-3, UM-2EX/2, UM-1EX/1SX/1X/1S/1
– PCR-M1/M30/M50/M80/30/50/80, PC-50, PCR-A30, PCR-1
– SD-90/80/20
– M-100FX

More details and direct access to the drivers can be found at the Edirol website.

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