SKYLIFE releases SampleRobot v.1.5 Update

SampleRobot is the missing link between sound source and software sampler. It was never easier to record audio and to create multi-samples in one go. SampleRobot works as a copying machine for sounds featuring advanced recording and auto-loop searching algorithms. If there are MIDI connections available between an instrument and a computer SampleRobot sends out MIDI note messages and controller information, note by note. The external device gets the MIDI information and plays back the sounds. At the same time SampleRobot is in audio recording mode. Just a few mouse clicks and a fully detailed sampled synthesizer with all internal sound programs is on your hard drive ready to be played with any available software sampler.

SampleRobot is also equipped with semi-automatic recording functions for sampling of acoustic instruments. Have your whole studio within your computer environment – SampleRobot enables you to work mobile!

New Features in Version 1.5:
• ASIO 2.1 support (up to 192 kHz/24 bit resolution mono and stereo sampling, depending on audio card and ASIO drivers)
• Optional sample-rate and bit-rate conversion during export
• Fully automated sampling of VST- and DirectX-instruments
• Preset manager: 80 sampling presets for different instruments and situations included; user presets can be created easily
• New Reason NN-XT multi-sample export format incl. multi-velocity layers
• Wav drag and drop functionality (also multiple files) to SampleRobot’s virtual keyboard including root-key recognition and importing loop points
• Scalable main window
• New loop crossfade types and optimizations
• Optimized MIDI engine

Update to SampleRobot version 1.5. is free for all registered users. SampleRobot full version’s price is 249 Euro/ 329 Dollar.

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