Pioneer announces the availability of DJS software

Pioneer Europe today announces the availability of its new PC-based software solution for the growing number of DJs who prefer mp3 files to vinyl, CD or DVD. DJS is designed for both mobile and home DJs to enable full-scale DJ mixing on a PC. The software offers the same playability and functionality as Pioneer’s Pro DJ products, using a PC interface instead of the familiar hardware; CDJ turntables and DJM mixer.

‘This new software is as intuitive as our CDJ turntables and it offers many of the same features including cue/loop points, scratching, beat synchronisation and more,’ says Jason Pook, Product Planning Manager for Pioneer Europe. ‘We’ve consistently invented new DJ products to meet changes in the music world. As consumers switched from vinyl to CD, we offered the CDJ-1000 CD turntable. When DVD took off in the marketplace, we created the DVJ-X1 to enable spinning of video content. Now, we’re tracking market trends in the use of mp3 files and offering yet another new DJ friendly product – this time for PC users.’

DJS software combines the key elements of Pioneer’s professional digital CD decks and mixers with a host of innovative features including:

* Auto mixing
* Waveform display for indicating playing position and cue/loop points
* BPM synchronisation and beat synchronisation
* Eight effects including Delay, Echo, Auto Pan, Trans, Filter, Flanger, Reverb and Pitch Shifter
* Fader start function for controlling the playback of two players (channel, fader and cross fader)
* Create function for setting four points for cues or loops in a track

DJS also has a ripping function for converting CD, Line and Wave files to mp3. The Graphical User Interface is intuitive and easy to understand. It follows the same functional design familiar to users of Pioneer CDJs and DJM Mixers. The display shows everything a Professional DJ needs to see including: time, BPM, mixer controls, jog dial, hot cue buttons, etc. In addition the software has a “SYNC” feature to automatically beat match the cued track to the track that is playing.

DJS also incorporates a powerful effects suite based on the effects of the DJM-600.

System requirements for the DJS software are:

* Microsoft® Windows® XP Home Edition / Professional / Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional
* Intel® Pentium® M 1.5GHz or faster (or a comparable processor at 1.7 GHz or faster)
* 512 MB RAM or more
* Screen resolution of 1024 X 768 pixels or better
* Built-in or external audio output
* CD-ROM drive
* 250 MB or more of free hard disk space (excluding the capacity needed for storing .mp3 and other files)

Availability & Pricing
DJS will be available from early November through authorised Pioneer dealers with an approximate price of €180 + VAT.

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