Vember Audio releases Surge

SURGE, the new software synthesizer from vember|audio brings usability and soundquality to a new level. A modern subtractive architecture is fed by multiple oscillator algorithms which together provide an inexhaustible supply of inspiring sounds. A filterblock arrangeable in multiple configurations consisting of dual filters, a waveshaper and a feedback-loop gives you sound-shaping capabilities far beyond the norm. A very generous and well-sounding effect section takes it even further.

A novel routing system makes the task of performing even complex modulation routings effortless. Giving sounds life, movement and making them respond to your keyboardplaying has never been this straightforward. External controllers are adaptively filtered to prevent stepping without slowing down the response.

SURGE is all about quality. From the remarkable ease of use to the sound quality the forward-looking design provides a depth and attention to detail uncommon among software synthesizers.

Key specifications:
• 2 Scenes stored in each patch which allows for layered/split patches
• 3 oscillators/scene, 5 algorithms (classic, sinus, wavetable, S/H-noise & audio-in)
• Oscillator FM, sync, unison and ring-modulation
• 2 filters/scene with a selection of 9 algorithms each, arrangeable into 7 different configurations.
• Feedback loop and 5-shape waveshaper as part of the filter configurations
• 8 Effect-units, each can use any of the 9 included top-quality algorithms
• Very flexible modulation routing that’s incredibly straightforward to use
• 12 LFO/EG-units available to each voice

SURGE is available now on Windows/VST for the price of 180 EUR/USD. Visit Vember|Audio for more information.

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