New crossfader technology by Vestax

A Cut lag space is the end point of the cross fader, where there’s a little gap that doesn’t play out sounds. Vestax has developed a special circuitry to control this cut lag space digitally.

For market demand Vestax has answered back with the worlds fastest cut-in time fader. The CF-CC allows you to set both left and right cut lag spaces individually; depending on which hand you use the most, or to your personal preference.

The CF-CC can replace your existing PMC-05proII, PMC-05proIII&VCA, PMC-05proSL&VCA and PMC-07pro.

The fader is able to adjust via dials, the cut-in time from the fader at OFF sound to when the fader is ON.It is a very small area of focus, but this is where the demand is and why DJs are in search for the sharpest fader on themarket.

This new technology will allow Scratch DJs and Mix DJs being able to perform to thier style and to suit their genre of music.

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