P SOFT releases CHRONOStream 2

CHRONOStream, a Windows compatible audio software, has been upgraded with better processing abilities and new features. The easy-handling time-stretch and pitch-shift software, based on the PHISYX 2 (Phase Interpolated and Synchronized Expansion) sound technology, will be
available soon from PSOFT.

CHRONOStream2 has been upgraded with the following features. First of all, rendering speed is now about seven times faster with lower CPU load. Users can see the results of their work almost immediately, and the software lets PCs work lighter. Next, a new algorithm RHYTHM treats beat music properly. There are three algorithms (MIX, SOLO and RHYTHM) to deal with data. This means that users can flexibly choose a suitable algorithm to handle any audio resources whatever unique qualities they may have. A new feature -Formant Control- makes pitchshifted human voice data such as narrations and songs much clearer. In this manipulation, for instance, formant positions can be moved, so that female voices can be changed into male voices, or vice versa.

For a free DEMO and more information on CHRONOStream 2, please visit the PSOFT website.

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