Native Instruments Reaktor 5.1 out now!

New update includes many new Instruments. Reaktor 5.1 takes Native Instruments incredibly versatile sound studio a step further: Alongside numerous improvements, this latest version offers a wide range of new and updated instruments and sounds, the total number of synthesizers, samplers and effects included has risen to a staggering total of 63!

5.1 Update, additions and improvements:
* Synthesizer:
o Gaugear.
o Equinoxe Deluxe.
o FM4.
o 2-Osc.
o Oki Computer 2.1.
* Sequencer:
o SQX.
o Snapper.
* Sample Transformer: Splitter.
* Grooveboxes Massive 1.1.
* Effects: Flatblaster 2.0.2.
* Tutorial Ensemble: Stacked Macro Tutorial.
* Reaktor Core Library: Several Core Macros fixed.

Fixes, changes and additions:

* A number of optimizations have been made to ensure a smoother, more efficient running of Reaktor.
* Pro Tools 7 compatibility.
* Cross-platform compatibility of plug-ins.
* User library folder now offered as the default “Save As…” location.

Also includes fixes to:

* MultiSin.
* SongPos.
* RampOsc.
* LFO.
* Envelope.
* Tapedeck.
* Single Delay.
* Table modules.
* Allows reading and editing of EIXT Ensemble files.
* New System menu entry: Rescan User Folder.
* Preference: R4 Start/Stop behavior.
* Preference: Autogrow structure window.
* Various internal Reaktor Core improvements.
* Several smaller fixes inside the engine architecture.

Registered REAKTOR 5 users can download the update for free from the update manager.

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