TC Electronics releases PowerCore 2.0 software upgrade

TC Electronic today announced the PowerCore 2.0 software upgrade, which includes several helpful improvements to the graphic interface and demo versions of plug-in licenses.

The new interface design provides an overview of CPU power and RAM, as well as the status of plug-in licenses and all PowerCore devices running on the system. PowerCore 2.0 enables a fully functional 20-hour trial version of a number of optional TC plug-ins. These plug-ins will be included with the installer in all future versions and simplify the download procedure when buying optional PowerCore plug-ins. With PowerCore 2.0, users will also be able to transfer optional plug-ins between PowerCore units. Only PowerCore FireWire, Compact, mkII and Unplugged users will be able to benefit from the trial version and license transfer facilities of the version 2.0.

PowerCore 2.0 to the people – Are you just itching to get hold of PowerCore 2.0? Well, the wait is almost over – PowerCore 2.0 is free of charge to all existing users and it’ll be ready for you during January 2006. You can download PowerCore 2.0 at the TC Electronics website, once it is released.

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