New software update for the Roland MV-8000

In a show of commitment to the MV-8000 platform, and in response to top requests from MV users in the field, Roland announces the newest software upgrade for the MV-8000: Version 3.5. This free upgrade adds several important recorder-like functions to the MVs feature set.

New features include audio-track and mute automation, recordable MFX control-knob movements, 3-band EQ added to the Audio and Instrument parts, a Pencil Tool added to the Piano Roll window, and a Patch Preview mode added to the Import function.

Version 3.5 is the fourth OS version for the MV-8000 platform. To recap:

-Ver. 1 The MV-8000 launch
-Ver. 2 VGA and mouse support added, plus wide file-format compatibility
-Ver. 3 Pattern-based edit, drum grid, and analog-modeling bass synth added
-Ver. 3.5 “Recorder-like” functions added

The new 3.5 update can be downloaded for free from

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