Sonalksis releases TBK filter plugin

Sonalksis today announced the release of a new product, the TBK creative filter. The TBK is an entirely new generation of filter, using Adaptive Resonance Technology.

Standard filters require the alteration of resonance with frequency to maintain stable sonic attributes, particularly when resonance or circuit saturation levels are elevated. This can make setup complex, adjustments difficult, and makes obtaining a perfect filter sweep demanding. However the TBK ‘adaptive resonance’ system uses an adaptive psychoacoustic model to automatically ensure a faultless sound regardless of filter style, frequency settings or sweep motions.

The Sonalksis TBK creative filter is efficient, intuitive and direct – and therefore very simple to use, providing great results with minimal effort. It can be used to obtain slow, gentle sweeps, massive screaming distorted sounds, and just about everything in between. TBK is designed to be flexible enough to fulfil your needs whenever you reach for a filter, but without forcing you through a complex interface, or requiring time spent calibrating fine detail. TBK adaptively calibrates itself for you. So whether you want a filter to correct a sound, or to make a sonic statement, it can be done in just a few mouse clicks with TBK.
The TBK creative filter is available immediately, and retails at £99.99 + VAT in the UK, €149.99 + VAT in Europe, or $199.99 in the USA and rest of the world.

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