Wave Arts releases Power Suite 5

Wave Arts critically acclaimed plug-in bundle is now the top of its class, featuring outstanding sound quality, more signal processing power, stunning visual interface design, and world class customer support at a tremendous value. These new v5 plug-ins cover the essential aspects of sound design, tracking, mixing and mastering.

All v5 plug-ins are now available, including the newest release Panorama 5, and they will continue to be sold individually and in various cost-saving bundle configurations.

In all, Power Suite 5 includes:
– TrackPlug: all-in-one channel strip with 10 band EQ, dual compressors, gate, sidechain EQ, brickwall filters, clean/vintage modes, and an peak limiter
– MasterVerb: multi-algorithm reverb with comprehensive early reflection and dynamics control
– FinalPlug: mastering limiter/volume maximizer with extensive dither options and a brand new limiting algorithm
– MultiDynamics: up to 6 bands of dynamics processing
– Panorama: 3-D virtual acoustics processor with binaural HRTF technology and environment modeling

Wave Arts plug-ins are available for Windows (DX, VST, RTAS) and Mac OS X (AU, VST, MAS, RTAS). Please visit Wave Arts website for availability, pricing, upgrade options, and free demos.

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