Focusrite announces the Saffire Pro 26i/o

Focusrite has launched the second interface in the Saffire range – a new breed of Firewire interfaces featuring Focusrite pre-amps, 24-bit/192kHz processing, and intuitive software control.

The Saffire Pro 26i/o fuses 52 channels of I/O (26 In, 26 Out) with highly integrated software to bring the most advanced professional multi-channel interfacing available to date.

Housed in a stunning 19″ rack-mount case, the Saffire Pro 26i/o features detachable rack-ears for a convenient desktop solution. Combining eight channels of premium Focusrite pre-amplification with 8 analog outputs and a total of 18 digital ins and outs (2 SPDIF and 16 ADAT at 48kHz), the Saffire Pro26i/o provides an unrivalled input/output count for its class. Multiple units can even be linked together for large scale recording solutions.

The pre-amps featured in Saffire Pro 26i/o are derived from the award-winning Green Series. This pre-amp design upholds the same high bandwidth philosophy with class-leading specifications. The converters adhere to performance specifications far beyond other similarly priced interfaces. As with the original Saffire, the units can be either bus-powered or plugged into an outlet with the included PSU. The unit has also been designed to maximize performance when powered by the PSU.

Once again, it is the control software that truly sets Saffire Pro 26i/o apart from the crowd. SaffireControl Pro provides comprehensive custom mix solutions in addition to the quick-select ‘tracking’ and ‘playback’ solutions and float/expand facilities found in the original SaffireControl software. In addition, SaffireControl Pro also features an intuitive ‘talkback’ solution for recording engineers. Within SaffireControl Pro, a fully customizable mix of inputs and outputs can be created for each of the analog outputs. The front panel of the unit provides 2 independent headphone outputs with volume control, again customizable within SaffireControl Pro. In addition to the control software, Saffire Pro 26i/o comes bundled with the same professional grade compression, reverb, amp modeling and EQ VST/AU plug-ins.

Saffire Pro 26i/o also provides MIDI I/O alongside a host of additional processing features, including high pass filters on every channel and 2 super channels with variable impedance and insert points. With such comprehensive custom mix solutions, a huge array of input/output options and high performance converters, a host of other processing functions and the most intuitive control software available, Saffire Pro 26i/o is truly the multi-channel interface of choice for the serious recording engineer.

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