Muse Research announces dfh-Superior and dfh-Custom Receptor

Muse Research is showing Toontrack Musics dfh- Superior, dfh-Custom & Vintage, and the new dfh-Superior Muse demo VST plug-ins running on the Receptor hardware plug-in player.

The dfh line of drumsampler products have established themselves as the definitive drum sample software plug-ins for use with trigger pads and electronic percussion systems. And now thanks to Receptor, the power of the dfh line can be used easily and reliably by anyone.

The dfh-Superior and dfh-Custom and Vintage plug-ins feature a comprehensive sampled percussion library featuring an array of the modern and classic drum sounds respectively, while dfh Superior Muse demo is a free plug-in that introduces the power of the dfh sample engine to all Receptor users. Both the dfh-Superior and dfh Custom & Vintage plug-ins can be installed on Receptor using a special installer helper file available to all registered Receptor customers from the company’s plugorama website. The dfh-Superior Muse Demo is available free for download to all registered Receptor customers, also from the plugorama website.

DFH Superior and Custom & Vintage offer huge libraries in a portable package
Receptor has established itself as an impressive force in the synth, sound module, and sampler market running VST plug-in software in a live context. The dfh line of sampled drum sounds from Toontrack has established itself as the premier drum sample engine for use with electronic drum kits. There are two main products available, dfh-Superior, with 35GB of pristine drum sounds that make up 5 drum kits, features 60 cymbals, 17 snares, and a wide variety of miscellaneous percussion sounds. Complimenting that collection is dfh-Custom & Vintage, which adds another 35GB of sounds to the Superior collection with an array of bespoke drums such as Noble & Cooley, Craviotto, and Canopus, as well as Vintage drums such as Camco, Ludwig, and Slingerland.

Exclusive dfh-Superior Muse demo plug-in introduces Receptor users to state-of-the-art sampled drum sounds
In addition to the standard dfh products, Toontrack Music is making special free demo version of Superior, called dfh-Superior Muse demo available to all Receptor customers. This plug-in features a single kit of drums with all the power and flexibility of the dfh software engine, allowing the Receptor customer to become familiar with the immense power offered by Toontrack software.

“As a percussionist myself, I’m thrilled to have the dfh drum sample products available for use on Receptor” comments Bryan Lanser, VP of Marketing for Muse Research. “This combination of Toontrack’s software with the Receptor hardware solves the very real problem of how an electric drummer can take advantage of computer software in a live context. The great sounds combined with the convenience and ease-of-use of Receptor make this an ideal system for the electronic percussionist, whether you perform live or in the studio” he concludes.

“Toontrack Music are proud to add dfh-Superior and dfh-Superior Custom and Vintage to the line of prestigious software carried and supported by the Receptor and Muse Research.” Comments Andreas Sundgren, the Managing Director of Toontrack Music. “The turnkey solution offered by combining the pro drumsampler line of dfh-Superior and the Receptor will cater to the needs of the most demanding drummers and musicians.”

For more information visit the muse research website.

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