Focusrite software upgrade for Liquid Channel

Focusrite released v2.0 software update for the Liquid Channel professional channel strip, and is available for download from the Focusrite web site.

The Liquid Channel is most advanced channel strip on the market, and now with LiquidControl v2 software, it can be controlled in real time with MIDI!

Version 2 of LiquidControl, along with a multitude of additional free mic-pre and compressor emulations that are regularly updated (also based on user requests), can be found on The Liquid Channel’s downloads page at

With The Liquid Channel’s digital front panel and USB/MIDI connectivity, the tiresome constraints of analog channel strips have become a thing of the past. As such, having to physically adjust and reset controls is no longer necessary and instead the engineer is offered the choice of instantly recalling and tweaking settings remotely, from the computer screen. This means that the Liquid Channel can be racked away while all 80 onboard emulations are accessed directly from the LiquidControl software.

Since its launch, LiquidControl has been advanced to ensure that the software runs as smoothly and intuitively as possible, often in response to suggestions from Liquid Channel owners. The version 2 update removes minor bugs, making the application faster than ever, and implements a much-requested feature: MIDI control.

A MIDI controller number list, found on the Focusrite website, outlines the LiquidControl version 2 spec, allowing the unit to be controlled using an external MIDI device, or even a MIDI sequencer. This means that an engineer can switch between controlling virtual or hardware instruments and The Liquid Channel with their MIDI controller keyboard.

Additionally, MIDI Program Change messages will recall Liquid Channel patches, a saved combination of mic-pre, compressor and EQ settings, so that one button press or knob rotation will call up a completely different session! Furthermore, mic-pre gain as well as compressor and EQ settings can all be automated from within the sequencer’s MIDI tracks, making The Liquid Channel even more suitable for post production and similar applications.

For more information, visit their web site at

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