Tascam releases version 1.2 software for DM-3200

Tascams successful digital console, the DM-3200, has been updated to version 1.20 for an impressive list of additions and enhancements.

The IF-FW/DM FireWire card and IF-SM/DM Surround Monitoring card are now supported, turning the console into a complete system for computer recording and surround mixing. Cascade support has also been added — using the built-in cascade port — as well as MIDI Machine Control, GPI and a list of other enhancements.

“The DM-3200 has been a huge success, proving that the need for thoughtfully integrated digital consoles is alive and well,” says Jim Bailey, Product Development Manager for Tascam. “The DM-3200 is a perfect fit for a wide variety of applications including professional/project studios, post production, sound reinforcement and fixed installations. The enhancements provided by this new update make the DM-3200 an incredible value. The combination of the DM-3200 and the FireWire interface card turn the DM-3200 into the ultimate computer audio interface, with built-in effects, cue mixing, automation and everything else needed for professional recording to a computer.”

DM-3200 version 1.20, a free download from the Tascam website, adds the following new features and enhancements to the DM-3200:

-Supports optional IF-FW/DM FireWire interface card
-Supports optional IF-SM/DM Surround Monitoring card
-Supports cascade operation with another DM-3200 via built-in cascade port
-GPI functionality via built-in multi-pin connector
-MIDI Machine Control (MMC) available from transport buttons
-Internal automation now supports automating buss assignments and effect parameters
-MIDI control of external devices via MIDI Control Change messages
-More flexible assignment of the Virtual Encoders (LED ring encoders)
-LCD user interface improvements
-More intuitive screen switching when used as a DAW controller
-LCD popup messages have been made more informative

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