KORG presents new products at the NAMM (Update)

KORG is presenting several new products at the NAMM which is presently held in Anaheim, USA.

Among the new products we think the most important are:
– K25 / K49 / K61 – USB MIDI Studio Controllers
– D888 Digital Recording Studio
– RADIAS Synthesizer / Vocoder
– X-50 Music Synthesizer
– MicroX Music Synthesizer
– padKONTROL MIDI Studio Controller
– TR88 Music Workstation

On stage or on the run, producing or performing, wherever your music takes you, the new K-Series controllers can go there with you. While the words portable and affordable describe the K-Series USB-MIDI Studio Controllers, they by no means define them. Each model features solid, full-size keys, and a selection of four velocity curves (including a fixed level – great for mimicking organs and early mono synths) that tailor the keyboard response to match any performer.

Available in 25, 49 and 61 key versions, their octave shift keys provide access to the full range of notes, and the key transpose function lets you reach them comfortably – or instantly match the range of another performer. Authentic baroque and classical temperaments add even more versatility.

K-series specs:
– 25/49/61-key full size keyboard
– velocity sensitive
– 4 velocity curves

Assignable Controllers:
– ClickPoint
– 2 Knobs
– 2 Buttons
– 1 Slider
– Octave Shift up/down buttons
– Pitch Bend wheel
– Modulation wheel
– Footswitch jack

MicroX synthesizer
A compact and portable synthesizer that delivers plenty of sonic power, advanced control, and up-to-date integration with computer-based music systems.

It will always be true that the most important thing for a music creator is to have great sounds to inspire and help realize your ideas. The Korg microX music synthesizer is packed with a full complement of wonderful sounds generated by the acclaimed HI synthesis system featured on the world-famous TRITON series. Designed to fit into today’s computer-based home and on-the-go studio, the microX is the perfect complement for any musical genre, production style, and performance scene.

MicroX specs:
• High-quality sounds delivered by the HI synthesis system used on the world-famous TRITON series.
• 640 programs based on a new 64MB ROM, covering a wide range of styles.
• Combination mode allows up to eight programs to be freely combined to create complex sounds. 384 preloaded combinations are provided.
• Up to four high-quality effects can be used simultaneously, with effect types that cover a broad range from sound-field simulation to creative transformations.
• Four-channel audio output allows sophisticated sound-creating and mixing techniques such as using external effect processors and surround applications.
• Multi Sets provide easy setup and instant recall of 16-part multi-timbral groupings for use with your external DAW software.
• Powerful dual polyphonic arpeggiators provide a wide range of possibilities, ranging from realistic phrases to distinctive flourishes.
• External control setups can be used to control your DAW software, soft synths and other devices.
• USB connector allows direct MIDI connection to your computer.
• Editor and Editor Plug-in software are included for seamless editing of microX sounds from within your DAW software.

TR88 workstation
Turning a great idea into brilliant music takes both inspiration and a solid workstation. Inside the affordable new TR Series you’ll find exactly what you need to take your music from all right to extraordinary.

Start with Korg’s proven Hyper Integrated sound engine – the synthesis system that has made the TRITON a world-wide standard. Add in a comprehensive 64 MB ROM which includes many new sounds – as well as Korg classics. Bring it all up-to-date with totally new features including USB MIDI capabilities and reliable, portable SD card data storage. Package it all in a sleek black body housing Korg’s classic 16-track sequencer, superb effects engine, and top it off with a clear and user-friendly interface.

Introducing the KORG TR Music Workstation; it’s brimming with rich, brilliant sounds for musicians who may not be rich, but just might be brilliant.

X50 synthesizer
Introducing the new X50 music synthesizer; packed with Korg’s distinctive and world-renown sounds, designed for easy and intuitive operation, and with an ultra-light and compact design that’s ideal for the active musician.

The Korg X50 music synthesizer features the HI (Hyper Integrated) sound engine that’s used on the world-famous TRITON series. It gives you pro-quality sounds in an ultra-compact body. This keyboard synthesizer delivers unbeatable convenience and enjoyment for live performance or song production.

X50 specs:
• 512 professional-quality sound programs produced by the HI synthesis system used on the world-famous TRITON series.
• 384 combinations, each allowing up to eight programs to be freely combined to create complex sounds.
• Multi Mode allows the X50 to be played from your external sequencer as a 16-part multi-timbral sound module.
• Powerful effect section with four processors (one insert effect, two master effects, one master EQ).
• Four-channel audio output (two main channels, two individual channels), a first in its class.
• Dual polyphonic arpeggiator for even more musical enjoyment.
• USB connector allows single-cable MIDI connection with your computer.
• Stand-alone and innovative plug-in sound editing software is included, allowing you to tweak and program the X-50, even within your DAW software.

The all-new padKONTROL joins Korg’s expanding line-up of MIDI studio controllers. Adding another dimension beyond traditional keyboard control, the padKONTROL is the most expressive and versatile pad controller ever!

In addition to accessing drum sounds and samples, the padKONTROL can also control soft synths and effects, trigger loops and video clips, and even act as transport controls for DAW software programs. Combining an assignable X-Y touchpad that also provides for natural-sounding flams and rolls, sixteen great-feeling illuminated trigger pads, assignable knobs and a footpedal input, the padKONTROL provides unsurpassed evocative control.

Padkontrol specs:
– Controllers:
16 velocity-sensitive Trigger pads with LED illumination
X-Y pad
Two assignable knobs
Assignable pedal jack*
*requires a separately sold DS-1H or PS-1

– Display: 7-segment, 3-digit LED

– Memory:
16 user scene memories
30 preloaded scene templates

With a bold new approach that is at once both daring and familiar, RADIAS exceeds common analog expectations and rapidly takes off for uncharted territories.

Based on Korg’s cutting-edge MMT engine, this 24-voice synthesizer offers a variety of synthesis algorithms together with multiple effects, new comb filter and wave shaping features, modulation sequencing, as well as new formant-motion vocoding.

RADIAS offers an innovative design that can be custom configured to suit your set-up. The control module can be used independently or teamed with the unique dedicated keyboard, creating a seamlessly integrated instrument that delivers the sounds of the future – today.

New recording frontiers – The new D888 Digital Recording Studio goes where no digital recorder has gone before. Its intuitive, real-time design assures immediate results. At home, the D888 provides an intuitive mixer layout that allows your sound modules and instruments to stay connected to the mixer inputs so you can start recording whenever the mood strikes you without having to change any connections.

Lightweight and portable, the D888 is also perfect as a live or location “capture” recorder for recording band rehearsals and gigs and other applications. In the field, the versatile input and output sections allow the D888 to record on location without interfering with the P.A. system’s house mix. The output section is also ideal for feeding into a cue mixer, a larger recording system, or other audio applications. With eight-track simultaneous recording you can capture the performance with enough separation to allow overdubs, corrections, and other production steps at a later date.

For more information please visit the Korg website.

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