Muse Research releases UniWire

Muse Research has announced that its highly anticipated UniWire audio and MIDI networking technology is now available to the public in beta form. The company expects the final VST version to be released in February. The companies UniWire technology allows you to connect your Receptor hardware plug in player directly to your laptop or desktop computer using only a single Ethernet cable, and get complete integration of MIDI, audio, and remote control data to and from the Receptor.

UniWire lets you run plug-ins on Receptor as if they were in your host computer
Receptor has established itself as an ideal way to use plug-ins in a live performance situation while needing to avoid the unpredictability of standard computers. Now with UniWire, it is possible to leverage that power and stability in the studio, allowing you to distribute the processing load between your host computer and one or more Receptors.

Essentially, UniWire serves as a way of running plug-ins inside of Receptor, but allowing you to control them as if they were running inside your computer. UniWire consists of a host computer plug-in created by Muse Research and a software upgrade to Receptor that enables the UniWire networking capabilities of Receptor. UniWire provides you with 32-channels of audio between your computer and Receptor using a standard 100baseT network connection, as well as providing each plug-in with its own MIDI port (16 channels). Additionally, Receptor’s Remote control software lets you view and control Receptor’s graphical user interface over Ethernet using your host computer.

A white paper with more details is available for download from the Muse Research website.

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