Waves announces Z-Noise

Waves set the standard for professional audio restoration with there X-Noise plug-in. Waves is taking noise reduction with this piece of software to a whole new level.

Other noise reduction methods need you to provide a section of pure noise in order to deliver optimal results. Z-Noise features an exclusive Extract mode which can create a noise profile from sources that contain signal, as well as a flexible Adaptive mode. This innovative dynamic noise profiling delivers unparalleled results when reducing noise that changes over time.

What’s more, other noise reduction systems are limited by the restrictions of traditional FFT band split methods, which divide the frequency range linearly into equally spaced bands. This leads to excessive frequency resolution in the high end, and insufficient frequency resolution in the lower end of the spectrum. And in the time domain, it results in insufficient time resolution for high frequencies and excessive time resolution for low frequencies. These inherent limitations lead to smeared audio images that lack crispness and clarity. Z-Noise changes all that.

Z-Noise employs a brand new “more musical” algorithm which delivers better low-frequency resolution and improved time sensitivity. Combined with its advanced adjustable transient enhancement, Z-Noise lets you remove noise while retaining all the power and punch of your source recordings. The result: Better noise reduction and better transient preservation.

Z-Noise costs $800 and is available at a dealer near you.

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