Apogees Rosetta 800 now 192K Standard

Apogee Electronics Corporation announced today that it has standardized its Rosetta 800 line at 192K sample rates and will be available for sale at $ 2995.00 through authorized dealers, and distributors worldwide.

With standard 192k sampling rates, the Rosetta 800 delivers some of Apogee’s most celebrated features at a very attractive price point.

Previously, Apogee had two versions of the Rosetta 800, the standard being at 96K sample rates with an optional 192K upgrade for $995.00. “We are constantly striving to offer the best product possible and the best value available. With the 192k version of the Rosetta 800 at its new, reduced price point, we feel that we accomplish this and that our customers will not only be amazed by the sound but very satisfied by the price,”says Betty Bennett Co-Founder and CEO of Apogee.

The Rosetta 800 offers such Apogee attributes as “SoftLimit”, “UV22HR”,and Apogee’s “Intelliclock”. These features combined with optional FireWire and Pro Tools connectivity make the Rosetta 800 an ideal choice for those seeking a high-definition, professional solution at a project studio price.

Rosetta 800 at a glance:
-8 channels of AES, ADAT I/O
-Optional Firewire card for compatibility with OS X (no driver required), and Windows XP
-“Soft Limit” for maximum digital input level without overs
-“UV22HR” for superior dither of 24 bit resolution down to 16-bit
-Unique channel selection for flexible signal routing
-Advanced, dual-stage “Intelliclock”

Availability: January 2006

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