Kjaerhus Audio updates the Gold series

Kjaerhus Audio has released updates for all plug-ins in The Gold Series. This plugin series combines the sound and functionality of advanced vintage gear with classic signal processing methods, producing a highly desirable sound.

GPP-1 changes:
* Fine adjustment key changed from Ctrl to Shift.
* Knob reset key changed from Alt to Ctrl.

GPP-1 and GUP-1 only fixes:
* Removed “%” that was added after parameters in some Hosts.
* Possible problem when multiple instances of the same plugin were being run has been resolved.
* Now uses less CPU when knobs are adjusted.

All Gold series plug-in fixes:
* Problem with GUI not always showing up in Nuendo is fixed.
* Small adjustments have been made to improve stability.

Kjaerhus Audio.

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