Lots of new products from RELOOP

Reloop will be annoucing lots of new products on the upcommins Musik Messe in Germany.

Effex.2 DSP & Effex.4 DSP: Design mixer with digital effects unit and twofold USB-Port.

The Effex.2 DSP is the new Advancement-Mixer by Reloop – with a full DSP effect unit the creative DJ can refer to all classic Digital Sound Processing filters which can also be beat-matched in studio quality.

Paired with the proven intuitive interface concept of the Effex.2, Reloop’s Effex.2 DSP unites style and interaction to perfection. The Effex DSP is also available as a Quattro design: The most popular Reloop mixer interface with four channels is called Effex.4 DSP.

In combination with the professional effect unit, which can be switched onto all input sources, a club mixing console has been designed which is second to none when it comes to individuality and efficiency.

Its extravagant design in white-blue-grey not only lends this console an appearance that does its performance proud, it also guides the DJ intuitively to use its multitude of functions. As special highlight, both mixers were equipped with two FullDuplex USB-Ports each, which allows mixing and recording audio files from and to a computer.

RMX-40 USB: Flexible club mixer with integrated DSP unit and FullDuplex USB-Connection.

After the successful RMX-40 DSP, Reloop launches the digital brother named RMX-40 USB. The integrated USB technology allows you to mix any kind of audio formats, like MP3, WMA, WAV and many more, from a PC or MAC directly into the mixer.

This functions with the RMX-40 USB directly plug ‘n’ play without any special drivers. The mixer is equipped with two individual USB audio ports, so you can use the multiple soundcard feature found in most current DJ mixing software. Each audio port is FullDuplex, this means that playback and recording of digital audio files simultaneously is possible. So, live recording your mixing set on the fly is no problem.

The included DSP unit gives you 8 digital effects and the Effect Send/Return feature allows you to integrate an external sound processor. Needless to say, analogue sources can be also hooked up and all comfortable features of the RMX-40 DSP were maintained. Digital mixing on a classic platform.

RH-3500 PRO & RH-3500 Ltd: The new State-Of-The-Art headphone with exclusive design.

Reloop’s RH-3500 PRO convinces with flexibility and outstanding sound quality. These professional headphones come with a straight cable and a helix cable which can be exchanged according to application. The exchangeable ear padding made of leather and velour provides maximum wearing comfort.

Accessories and headphones are stored in the included pouch. The RH-3500 Ltd. is a limited edition of Reloop’s top-of-the-line headphones and places its stakes on white Zeitgeist. Not only is the chassis designed of pure white plastics – the padding, cable and pouch make the same fashion statement.

The metal parts of the driver unit’s cover are of a matching silver. A 2006 must-have!

BattleTrack: Compact scratching stylus system from Reloop.

Reloop is asserting its position also in the cartridge segment with its first stylus system. Reloop’s BattleTrack is a complete novelty which is consistently geared toward professional turntablism. The BattleTrack can take up to 4 grams and convinces in spite of its low dead weight with a powerful scratching performance.

RMP-1660 s: CD single drive with MP3 support in 19” format.

The new RMP-1660 s furnishes the DJ with a complete performance package for creative digital mixing. Its MP3 compatibility means it can be used for regular CDs as well as in-house productions or ready-made mixdowns. The quality finish and the 19” format make the RMP-1660 s predestined for professional club use.

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