Kore: chapter 5 – Make sounds compatible

Imagine moving complex instrument set-ups between different songs and systems – Now You Can: KORE.

Do you own more than one audio computer, a laptop and desktop for example, or a Mac and a PC? Do you work both in the studio and on stage, or in different studios that use different sequencers? Do you want to be able to use exactly the same sounds and instrument or effect set-ups wherever you go?

The Solution: Universal Compatibility – KORE bridges the gap between studio and stage, between different songs and sequencers as well as between different computers and operating systems. KORE enables you to effortlessly move your instrument and effect set-ups and presets to where ever you happen to be working, meaning you always have all of your sounds with you.

This universal compatibility is made possible by KORE’s unified interface and the cross-platform KoreSound format. All Audio Unit and VST plug-ins and all their respective presets can be managed centrally in KORE and saved as KoreSounds. KORE itself can either be used stand-alone or as a plug-in within all professional sequencers via RTAS, Audio Units, VST or DXi. This guarantees that your sounds are compatible with virtually any system.

But that is just the beginning: KORE makes the seamless exchange of extensive instrument/effect combination onto other systems, sequencers and songs possible. These combinations can consist of multiple instruments and effects with individual routings, controller assignments, keyboard splits, velocity mappings and integrated MIDI files. Until now, attempting to move such complicated, intricate set-ups onto a different system was virtually impossible, the only real option being to manually re-build the entire set-up from scratch – a difficult and time consuming affair. With KORE all you have to do is open the KoreSound. The only pre-requisite is that KORE and the same plug-ins are installed on both systems.

KoreSounds on Every Computer – Whether a studio set-up or a laptop, with KORE you have all the same sounds at your disposal on all your systems. You’re not just using one audio workstation but, for example, a Windows desktop system in the studio and an Apple laptop when you’re on the road or on stage. You have created a new sound in the studio that utilizes multiple plug-ins. Now you want to be able to use exactly the same sound on your laptop.

KORE solves this dilemma in an instant. If you manage all of your plug-in presets centrally using the KORE Sound Browser, then all you have to do is copy a single KoreSond folder onto your laptop and you instantly have exactly the same sounds at your disposal. Whether they are simple sounds based on a single plug-in or complex structures created by multiple instruments and effects that have been layered and chained is immaterial. They are handled in exactly the same manner.

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