Native Instruments discloses full details on KORE

Native Instruments today disclosed full details on KORE, the worlds first Universal Sound Platform, and announced that the system will be in stores soon. A new kind of host system for software instruments and effects, KORE has been specifically developed to increase the efficiency, flexibility and ease of working with music software in the studio and on stage.

KORE is an integrated system consisting of a host software for VST and Audio Units plug-ins, and a tightly integrated hardware controller that includes a professional USB 2.0 audio/MIDI interface. It can be used both as a standalone instrument host as well as a plug-in within any Audio Units, VST and RTAS compatible sequencer program. Due to the sophisticated bi-directional integration of the controller with the KORE software, all major functions of the system can be controlled without the need to touch or even see the computer that runs the software.

KORE was designed to address several crucial aspects of functionality, integration and ease of use that are present after ten years of evolution in software instrument technology. Its concept focuses on six key aspects that benefit both live performance and music production: KORE allows musicians and producers to operate all plug-ins through a unified, consistent interface, reducing the need to adapt to a wide range of different usability concepts; find the desired sound quickly in every situation, even within massive preset libraries; to control software instrument with spontaneous and intuitive hands-on control that is similar to the best hardware instruments; to fully utilize the capabilities of software instruments on stage with a wide range of advanced performances features; to move and transfer even complex instruments and effects setups between different platforms and systems without compatibility problems; and to make use of the true sonic potential of software instruments that becomes available due to the new level of integration and combination that KORE offers.

KORE will be available beginning May 8th 2006 for a suggested retail price of $ 579 / 499 Euro from authorized dealers and in the NI Online Shop.

NI Kore

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