Propellerheads ships New REASON 3.0.5. universal binary

Propellerhead Software AB today announced the availability of Reason 3.0.5 that offers full native compatibility with Apples Intel-based Macs.

“We’re committed to providing musicians with all the musical power they need, on the computer they already have”, states Ernst Nathorst- Böös, Propellerhead software CEO. “Reason was more powerful than any other music application on a Power Mac G5, but on the Intel-based Macs it totally rocks! This new combination of Apple hardware and Propellerhead software will allow even more people to record and play music live, using computers instead of expensive dedicated audio hardware.”

“Apple has transitioned more than half our products to Intel processors and there are now over 1,700 Universal applications available that take advantage of the power of the Intel-based Macs,“ aid Ron Okamoto, Apple’s vice president of Worldwide Developer Relations. ”We’re thrilled that Propellerhead has joined the rapidly growing community of Universal application developers with Reason 3.0.5, its powerful professional audio application for musicians.”

Propellerhead is proud to acknowledge that valued feedback from the Reason user community played a critical role in the development, testing and release of this important upgrade. Propellerhead Software has also updated the ReWire and REX libraries, which are used by many other applications to provide integration with Propellerhead Reason and ReCycle. Both ReWire and REX are available as Universal Binaries as well. The new version of ReWire called 2.5, also sports significant performance enhancements when loading samples into Reason, in a ReWire session.

The new version is offered as a free download for registered users and is available at the Propellerheads website.

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