HALion Symphonic Orchestra now shipping

Steinberg is pleased to announce that HALion Symphonic Orchestra, a new 27 GB orchestral library featuring the award-winning HALion sampler engine, is shipping now to resellers and outlets worldwide.

“We’re very proud of this new product, which provides a complete, all-round orchestral sound solution for musicians, producers, composers in just about any field or genre,” comments Steinberg’s Product Manager for Virtual Instruments, Helge Vogt. “HSO is not only technologically highly advanced but makes a full symphony orchestra controllable and playable in a highly intuitive and creative way,” he continues.

The top-quality HALion Symphonic Orchestra library features over 1250 orchestral string, woodwind, brass and percussion instrument patches, including a vast array of articulations and playing styles. HSO also offers state-of-the-art sampling technologies such as RealAmbience, RAMSave™, Crescendo Control and much more.

HALion Symphonic Orchestra has an MSRP of €499. Existing HALion String Edition 1 or 2 customers can upgrade for €199 or €99 respectively. Owners of many competing orchestral sample products can cross-grade to HSO for €299.


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