Liquid Instruments Series Update

Ueberschall has released a new version of the LIS engine.

Overview of v1.1.0.7 improvements:

– All Mac version except the RTAS version are Universal Binaries (Mac Intel)
– VST version supports VST 2.4
– RTAS version supports RTAS 7.0
– RTAS 7.0 (Mac Intel) is under development
– memory requirement optimized

– AU validation fixed
– RTAS timing bug fixed
– better scale adaptation
– displays error message if font is missing

New features and usability improvements:
– size of the plugin window extended to 800×600 pixels, geometry and images adapted
– up to 32 soundbanks possible
– Quantize slider per key
– Audio export per key
– name of currently edited sample displayed in Editor
– key selectable in Editor
– new 12 and 24 grid in Editor
– grid and snap independently configurable in Editor
– notes on the same key selectable with left vertical ruler in Editor
– Automation moved from setup to own page
– to move samples, hold CTRL (Mac: Command) Key
– to copy samples, hold ALT key
– Challenge Code and Response Key fields have Copy/Paste buttons
– Saving and loading keys preserves name and all settings
– pitch slider now has +/- 100 cent labeling
– settings (Vol., Pan, Pitch) of a key are preserved even if mapped sample changes, reset with “new”.
– prelistening of whole sets of samples possible by holding folder play button (comes in handy with Horn Section and The Voice Vol.1+2)
– key titles aligned left

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