Pimp my Roland synth for new Madonna world tour

Roland was a proud participant in Madonnas 2004 Re-Invention Tour. Now the pop queen has returned to the road with an all-new show for 2006. Keyboardist Marcus Brown teamed with Roland and Bruce Forat to create a one-of-a-kind Roland synth rig for the tour.

The main synths in Marcus’ new rig are customized all-white V-Synths, V-Synth XTs, and Fantom-X7s. He also added a brand new SH-201 to setup. “I’ve already programmed a full bank of patches for it,” he says of the SH-201.

“I love it! It’s warmer than other analog-modeling synths I’ve used, plus the onboard FX just add that extra something. Also it has a nice internal type of compression that I like. It’s almost as if the oscillators squash when you play more than two or three notes. I think it’s wicked … very old school.”

The complete sory on www.rolandus.com
More synth pimping on www.forat.com

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