Sonic Charger introduces the new V-Motions library

V-Motions is a unique sound library for Roland V-Synth and V-Synth XT synthesizers. It has been carefully designed from the ground up taking all the advantages these amazing instruments offer, including analog modeling, VariPhrase processing, polyphonic COSM blocks, envelope, ring and FM modulators, as well as step modulators and multi-effects.

The library boasts a collection of patches which range from classic vintage analog and digital to futuristic new sounds and textures. But what puts V-Motions apart is fantastic, signature pulsating and rhythmically moving patches – hence the name. All patches interestingly and expressively respond to realtime controllers including the knobs, D-Beams and TimeTrip Pad, taking you to another dimension of on-the-fly sound tweaking and morphing.

The fresh new, stylish and awesomely inspiring sounds of V-Motions will make your V-Synth shine like never before, and breathe life into any music style.

– Distinct, original, extremely great patches making use of unique V-Synth’s features.
– Includes a great number of one-of-it’s-kind synthesizers and textures with lively rhythmic pulsations and morphing.
– Boasts many analog/digital classics, such as TB-303, SH, JUNO and FM sounds, as well as electric pianos, organs, bells, cosmic plucked strings and guitars, neo-synths, evolving pads, vox and vocals, punchy basses, effects, phrases, beats and much more.
– All sounds include controller assignments for velocity, aftertouch, D-beams, TimeTrip Pad, and knobs which lets you instantly express yourself. Many patches also feature pre-made arpeggiator patterns. – Includes detailed instructions for loading the data into your V-Synth.

V-Motions is immediately available as a downloadable purchase for $29.95. A discount bundle lets you get V-Motions along with the V-Lectric elastic drum/percussion library for $49.95 (17% off). Those who already own V-Lectric can purchase V-Motions for $19.95.

More info at Sonic Charger.

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