URS Announces URS Classic Console Strip

URS Announces The URS Classic Console Strip. The Super DSP efficient URS Classic Console Strip is the Go To solution for quick adjustments on individual tracks. Easy to use and Powerful!

We have chosen our favorite algorithms for the independent Compressor and EQ sections. The Compressor digitally recreates a 1975 VCA Compressor. Warm and Aggressive!

The EQ section digitally recreates select bands from three different analog consoles. We selected the critical frequencies for today’s Hip Hop, R&B and Rock. Bass Drum, Bass and Vocals jump out in the mix with quick EQ adjustment!

Independent Compressor and EQ sections – The Compressor and EQ sections are totally independent of each other featuring separate In/Out switching. The Compressor section is selectable between Pre/Post the EQ section.

High Res 48-bit “Double Precision” processing – The URS Classic Console Strip TDM features 48-bit Double Precision Processing and URS Classic Console Strip Native features 64-bit “Double Precision” floating processing for increased clarity and headroom with unparalleled gain reduction. Hi Resolution “Double Precision” processing helps to avoid internal clipping in the Digital Domain.
The Compressor section is selectable Pre or Post the Equalizer section.

Easy Eight – We call the URS Classic Console Strip the “Easy Eight”. The URS Classic Console Strip’s eight knobs map perfectly to the Command 8, Digi002, ProjectMix I/O, ProControl, HUI and other popular controllers allowing for quick adjustments on individual tracks.

$499 TDM, RTAS (Audio Units and VST versions coming soon!).
$249 Native RTAS (Audio Units and VST versions comimg soon!).
10 Day Demo and purchase now available – iLok required.

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