Ueberschall released Liquid Player for MacIntel

Ueberschall have today announced the availability of Liquid Player 1.1, the new VST Engine for their Liquid Instrument Series for Mac and PC, featuring Liquid Sax, Liquid Bass, Liquid Guitars, upcoming volumes like The Voice 1/2 and Hornsection. Liquid Player is designed for use with VST-, Audio Units- or RTAS-compatible host applications and also able to perform as stand alone application.

Liquid Player offers the following new features:

– All Mac version except the RTAS version are Universal Binaries (Mac Intel)
– VST version supports VST 2.4
– RTAS version supports RTAS 7.0
– memory requirement optimized

– AU validation fixed
– RTAS timing bug fixed
– better scale adaptation
– displays error message if font is missing

New features and usability improvements:
– size of the plugin window extended to 800×600 pixels, geometry and images adapted
– up to 32 soundbanks possible
– Quantize slider per key
– Audio export per key
– name of currently edited sample displayed in Editor
– key selectable in Editor
– new 12 and 24 grid in Editor
– grid and snap independently configurable in Editor
– notes on the same key selectable with left vertical ruler in Editor
– Automation moved from setup to own page
– to move samples, hold CTRL (Mac: Command) Key
– to copy samples, hold ALT key
– Challenge Code and Response Key fields have Copy/Paste buttons
– Saving and loading keys preserves name and all settings
– pitch slider now has +/- 100 cent labeling
– settings (Vol., Pan, Pitch) of a key are preserved even if mapped sample changes, reset with “new”.
– prelistening of whole sets of samples possible by holding folder play button (comes in handy with Horn Section and The Voice Vol.1+2)
– key titles aligned left

Liquid Player is available as a free download at Ueberschall.

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