Virsyn Cube 2.1 with MacIntel and RTAS support released

CUBE 2.1 brings the Daddy of all additive synths to Intel based Macs and to ProTools users with the long awaited RTAS interface. But that is not all, this new version also comes with a greatly improved spectral analysis algorithm for more natural resynthesized sounds! This upgrade is free of charge for all registered users of CUBE 2.

This update now features :
– RTAS plugin for Protools 7.x / Digidesign for all platforms including MacIntel.
– Universal Binaries for MacIntel platform compatibility.
– VST 2.4 compatibility.
– The spectral analyzer uses now improved algorithms for much better analysis of harmonic and inharmonic sound files.
– Bugfixes (Logic 7.1 stereo version working again, MIDI channels 10 and 14 now correctly shown in setup page, Occasional clicks when using the built in keyboard removed)

CUBE 2 is a musical instrument and the ultimate tool for sound designers who wish to have instant and intuitive access to all principal components every imaginable sound is build from. Every sound can be decomposed in a sine spectrum representing the harmonic and inharmonic partials and a residual noise spectrum for the noise components. The spatial character of a sound can be represented by a pan spectrum. The temporal evolution of these three spectra is a very convenient way to describe every sound. CUBE 2 is built around this model and allows you to manipulate the structure of a sound with all its components in a comfortable and musical way.


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